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AlphaVax, Inc. (AVX, Research Triangle Park, NC), a privately-held, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, has used its proprietary alphavaccine vector platform technology to generate a portfolio of vaccine candidates for infectious disease prevention and cancer immunotherapy. Three alphavccine candidates, targeting human cytomegalovirus, influenza A virus or HIV-1, have been evaluated in four Phase 1 clinical trials. More recently, AVX has focused efforts on the development of immunotherapeutic vaccines for the treatment of various cancers. From these recent efforts, AVX has successfully progressed the development of its proprietary alphavaccine technology, to create new, potentially first-in-class vaccines that engage the patient’s immune system to both recognize and fight off various cancers. Results from AVX’s first trial evaluating its CEA alphavaccine in patients with Stage IV colon cancer, showed the vector technology was able to “break self-tolerance” and a trend for enhanced survival in patients with CEA-specific T cell responses. To follow up, AVX will initiate and complete clinical trials in breast cancer, colon cancer (in Stage III patients) and melanoma over the next three years.

Elected Recent Accomplishments

  • Patient accrual in the second cohort in the AVX 901 study of a HER2-VRP vaccine clinical trial was completed in the third quarter of 2015.
  • Executed an exclusive license with the US Department of Defense (DoD), Office of Chemical-Biological Medical Systems (CBMS) to the alphavaccine platform for the development of Marburg and Ebola vaccines. This license enables the DoD to develop these vaccines in return for payments related to licensing and technology transfer.
  • Patient accrual in a CEA clinical study at Duke University is continuing .
  • In January 2012, an amended agreement with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics was executed in which certain obligations of both companies were re-defined. AVX also received payments related to technology transfer.
  • Substantial changes in the entire operations were instituted in late 2013 - with a primary benefit being a reduction in overhead expenditures and improvements in efficiency.
  • Presentation at November 2015's SITC meeting on a study indicating a trend for longer survival in Stage IV CEA cancer patients.
  • Our licensee for selected veterinary vaccines was recently acquired by Merck Animal Health.
  • The USDA in 1Q 2016 approved the production platform incorporating our technology that permits the manufacture of herd-specific herd vaccines.
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