Intellectual Property

We have an exclusive license to a patent portfolio created by the original developers of our alphavirus technology -- the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) . A wide range of patents, and their patent families, have been added to this base. Concomitant with  on-going improvements, achieved as the technology has been implemented,, our IP portfolio has been, and continues to be, expanded.  Our alphavaccine technology has been the subject of 31 issued US patents, supplemented by a host of foreign counterparts, with many of the patent families pending application or approvals.

US Patents Issued:

5,185,440  cDNA clone coding for Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus and attenuating mutations thereof 

5,505,947  Attenuating mutations in Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis virus 

5,639,650  cDNA clone for South African Arbovirus No.86 

5,643,576  Method of Inducing an immune response with a live VEE virus expressing a heterologous Immunogen 

5,792,462  Alphavirus Replicon RNA Systems 

5,811,407  System for the In vivo delivery and expression of heterologous genes in the bone marrow

6,008,035  System for the In vivo delivery and expression of heterologous genes in the bone marrow 

6,156,558  Alphavirus RNA replicon systems 

6,521,235  Alphavirus RNA replicon systems 

6,531,135  Alphavirus RNA replicon systems 

6,541,010  Alphavirus RNA replicon  systems

6,583,121  System for the in vivo delivery and expression of heterologous genes in the bone marrow 

6,783,939  Alphavirus vectors and virosomes with modified HIV genes for use in vaccines

6,844,188  Methods and modified cells for the treatment of cancer 

6,982,087  Vectors derived from South African Arbovirus No. 86 

7,045,335  Alphavirus replicon vector systems 

7,078,218  Alphavirus particles and methods for preparation 

7,235,235  Alphavirus RNA replicon systems 

7,419,674  Alphavirus-based cytomegalovirus vaccines  

7,425,337  Alphavirus replicon vector systems 

7,442,381  Alphavirus replicons and helper constructs 

8,263,092  Alphavirus replicon particles as Immunological adjuvants

8,460,913  Promoterless cassettes for expression of alphavirus structural proteins

8,617,533  Multi-antigenic alphavirus replicon particles and methods

8,680,258  Use of microRNAs to control virus helper nucleic acids 

8,709,441  TC-83-derived alphavirus vectors, particles and methods

9,079,943  TC-83-derived alphavirus vectors, particles and methods

9,187,729  Alphavirus and alphavirus replicon particle formulations and methods 

9,416,370  Alphavirus replicon particles matched to protein antigens as Immunological adjuvants

9,441,247  TC-83-derived alphavirus vectors ,particles and methods

​9,597,414  Use of microRNAs to control virus helper nucleic acids

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