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AlphaVax Product Overview

AlphaVax has more recently focused its internal resources in the commercial potential of its alphavaccine vector technology in cancer immunotherapy. The development of immunotherapeutic alphavaccines for the treatment of cancer is a rapidly expanding area in which AlphaVax intends to take a lead position in developing new treatment modalities. To date, AlphaVax has successfully optimized the alphavaccine technology, developed a strategic intellectual property portfolio, a robust, scalable, manufacturing process, and has advanced seven alphavaccine candidates into eight completed human clinical trials. From these initial and completed trials, the vaccine vector platform has demonstrated a favorable safety profile while eliciting the desired vaccine-specific immune responses. The Company’s alphavaccine technology is the only alphavirus-based vector system of its type to have advanced into clinical testing.

To translate scientific discovery into commercial success requires combining excellent science with effective development and commercialization, while satisfying stringent regulatory requirements. Our vaccine development team successfully brought together its collective experience in  process development, analytical methods, regulatory affairs, compliance, technology transfer, and manufacturing. As a consequence, a range of human clinical trials has been conducted and concluded.

Currently available vaccines for the veterinary market - based upon our RNA particle technology - include products for PEDv, swine epidemic diarrhoea, influenza and rotavirus. Others await USDA approval. A range of new vaccines is in development by Merck Animal Health's subsidiary, Harris Vaccines.

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